Top 16 online earning sites to generate side income|How online earning site works?

 Top 16 online earning sites to generate side income| How online earning site works? 

Top 16 online earning sites to generate side income|How online earning site works?

How online earning site works? 

There are several online earning websites like Meesho, Upwork, Zerodha, Amazon etc, which one can use to earn online money. All these websites are unique in their ways, and help the users in earning online money, some by providing services, and others by providing products. And because of their unique selling points, all the websites are popular among people as a good method to make online money. 

However, what is common in all these money earning websites is their functioning, it means their user interface and policies might differ but, in the end, they are helping people in earning money through various ways, like: 

-Online earning site act as meditators between the seller of products or services and the buyer of that product and services. 

-One can list their services (editing, content writing etc.) or products (online courses, e-books) on these websites and upon verification can sell them. 

-These websites promote the listed products and services through in-app ads and based user reviews. 

-The payments between the seller and buyers are settled through these websites. And one can earn good profits in terms of credit points, cash and coupons.  

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 Top 16 Online earning site to generate side income:

In case you are looking for the right kind of resources for helping you earn money online, and the top 16 online earning sites in India and aboard, then you stumbled upon the right page. We present to you the best online money earning websites especially for India as well as for the entire world. 


1. Upwork: 

Upwork is a global freelancing online earning site trusted and used by millions of users.

-It is one of the most genuine online earning site options to start and earn a high paying gig online for their skills.

-One can even land a full-time job as this is one of the most trusted websites by managers.

-The big-sized project with a high budget is present on the website so you can earn a significantly higher amount of money online.

It has around 5 million registered clients. Vast varieties of projects are present and you can select the project related to your skill and get the work started.

2. Zerodha:

As one of the most successful investors, Warren Buffet, once said-

“I made my first investment at age eleven. I was wasting my life up until then.”

Zerodha is an online platform to help invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual fund and more. It helps you multiply your existing money if you are knowledgeable about stocks.

Zerodha is India’s biggest stockbroker app. It provides stock trading at the lowest brokerage rate. Nearly 15% of all retail order trades in India are done using Zerodha.

Varsity by Zerodha is an open book website or application for a smartphone to learn complete trading from beginning to advance. This is a way in which people can earn millions.

However, one should be wary of the risks associated with stock trading. They are certainly volatile and only the ones knowledgeable about stocks and other investments should be dealing with the same.

3. TreadUp: 

It is a great platform for someone who buys lots of dresses. All the clothes which don’t fit you anymore or you don’t want to wear them anymore. What do you do with such clothes?

ThreadUp is an online resale platform dealing with used clothing items. You can filter results using the search option based on criteria like size, colour, and type of clothing.

You will receive thousands of results if you only type in “women’s clothing” and “sweater.” The search can be narrowed down to just show items matching a specific size, designer, condition, or price. It is a good, user-friendly platform making it a good option for an online earning site.

4. The partner program:

Affiliate Websites and Partner Programs like YouTube and EarnKaro allow you to share their services and products with your network without charging anything.   These websites pay you a commission for every sale/lead you generate.

5. Tasks/Survey:

How comfortable can you earn money by taking surveys or completing simple day-to-day tasks? Well, to provide you with money, these online websites charge their clients, often large-scale corporations and startups, to try to understand customer behaviour and changing perceptions. Websites like YSense collect and analyze the data generated from your daily responses and provide the same to companies in the form of useful insights. Users generally get a small part of these websites’ amount by selling the collected data.

Top 16 online earning sites to generate side income|How online earning site works?

6. Online Shop Or Online marketplace:

Online marketplaces like Shutterstock, Dreamstime etc., pay you for adding to their huge collection of usable assets, which include stock footage, photos, videos, sound effects, etc. These are trustworthy websites; you can make good money if you have the right strategy and talent. Online marketplaces generally charge an amount from their clients for the use of copyrighted content, and ultimately, the original creator is paid a percentage of this fee.

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7. Swagbucks: 

This website started in 2016, and in just a couple of years, it has become one of the best money earning website. There are no special skills required to start earning money through this app; all you have to do is see videos on YouTube and browse online shopping websites. The best part is that when you sign-up for their free account, they give you a $10 welcome bonus.

Once the account is created after that, they will give you a few daily tasks, and you will get rewards on completion. You can also take surveys, play games, shop online, discover deals, and buy gift cards to earn more points.

Thus, if you like doing window shopping and watching video content, this is the perfect platform for you. The points you earn from them can be used on various platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can also get this money transferred to your bank account or in the form of gift coupons, depending on the task.

8. Esty:

If you are artistic and creative, this is an excellent place to earn money. On Etsy, people usually seek a type of person who can make custom things such as jewelry, cards, magnets, decorative pieces, etc. You can also sell your creative work there and get a good amount of money for it.

The highlighting part about this platform is that it is easy to navigate and set up a shop. Thus, you can  start your  own  small business  here by selling your designs. On Etsy, they only sell specifically designed unique items and products that are handcrafted. You would be amazed to know that they have over 1.7 million active merchants and more than 28.6 million active buyers.

Hence, getting there is a huge probability of getting recognition for your products here and earning a good amount of money through it.

9. ShareAsale:

It is an excellent money-making site as it is not only reliable but a well-paid affiliate marketing platform as well. This platform is advantageous for both merchants and affiliates as they get a good commission, and the former get great leads.

The unique thing about this site is that an ordinary person gets extraordinary ways of earning money in a simple manner. The reason why merchants prefer this platform is that when many affiliates market their product and give reviews, it automatically increases the sales as, through this, an extensive range of readers can be approached.

As an affiliate, you get a good amount of commission, and the more products you sell, the more commission you would be able to earn. The commission rate starts at 10% but is negotiable between both parties.

10. GetMeta: 

Another great option is GetMeta. With GetMeta, you can earn money by completing tasks and offers. You can also refer your friends and earn additional income. And like Zupee, you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account.


11. Zupee: 

With Zupee, you can participate in tournaments and games to win cash prizes. There’s no need to invest any money to get started, and you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account.

12. Rozdhan: 

Rozdhan is a rewards-based app that allows users to earn money by completing tasks such as watching videos, referring friends, and more.

13. Frizza: 

Another great option is Frizza. This app gives you the chance to earn cash by completing simple tasks like watching videos or answering surveys. There are also plenty of opportunities to win prizes, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

14. Sheroes: 

Sheroes is a career development platform for women that offers resources, mentorship, and opportunities to help them reach their career goals.

So far, what ever I have mention above

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15. Taskrabbit: 

A website called Taskrabbit connects you with nearby chores that need to be done. By accepting odd jobs, you may make a lot of money.

16. Happy box:

Happy Box is a great way to earn money by completing tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, and completing offers. You can then cash out your earnings via PayPal or gift cards. 

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