How to make Homemade 22lr pistol |homemade handgun 22lr caliber

 How to make Homemade 22lr pistol |homemade handgun 22lr caliber. 

Are you a gun lover? 

Here I'm going to share you all how I usually made a handgun or a pistol without much technology, Mechanical tools. 

If you are a gun lover or a shooting fan, or love shooting sports but, use of gun or sell of gun in ban/ Illegal in your country.  Don't worry we can still build an amazing any types of gun just with simple tools and can use in whatever way you want, accept for animals hunting, committing crimes or targeting other people for your personal reason. I do not support for all these illegal and criminal activities.  I'm sharing here only for educational purposes for those person like me who love guns but are illegal in your country like in my case.  

My country has totally ban a gun starting from . 22 caliber, we need a license, if we don't have license than it's a crime and I can go to jail. 

Here are some of the gun / 22lr pistol I made 


 how I built/made this gun? 

It a simple homemade single shot gun not fully complete but can shot or work well 
It shot a  . 22 long rifle remfire. And its very simple to operate. 

What material is needed to make this gun? 

- wood: wood is for the body and handle of the handgun. 
You can easily make it at your home just by using a sharp Dao and a saw. With some tools to make it holes in the wood. Furnish it to make it smooth. 

-pipe:  pipe is for barrel and for spring and firing pin root. 
You can cut it by matel cutter according to your ideas of how you want to build your hand gun. 

-screw bold: I used a screw bold since the hold of that matel screw bold fit a 22lr bullets. It removable. It also work as a magazine for single shot handgun. 
You can see the video above for more information

This single shot handgun is another that I made, it also fire a 22lr bullets, same as above. 
The making mechanisms is same as the above one 
You can easily make it in your home by watching the above videos. 

Short single shot 22lr pistol:

Watch this video below and you will easily get an idea how it made,  it a simple single shot 22lr pistol, made with no any advance tools 

Materials needed in building/making this below homemade mini pistol are:-

1. Wood. 
2. Pipe (any small hole pipe) 
3. Spring
4. Piece of hard matel (to make triggers) 
5. 6 inches of small iron root. 

It very simple to make in your home within 24 hours by a simple tools available in your home. Of course you will need a gas/electric walting . But you can go and make in done in your nearby iron Walter shop, if you don't have one in your home. 


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