Mass Media and Multi media in Education| Importance of Mass Media in Education

 Mass Media and Multi media in Education| Importance of Mass Media in Education

Mass Media and Multi media in Education| Importance of Mass Media in Education

Due to "information explosion" and "population explosion" more things are to be learnt and more people are to be taught. there is a cry for more education to more people in less time. 

Here educational technology, consisting of various media of mass communication are essentially required. as both qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion of education is facilitated and accelerated with the help of mass media under educational technology. there are good numbers of media for mass communication such as radio, television ,newspapers, internet, social media, films etc.

previously, the mass media were only put to marginal and individualised uses. there was neither any coherent thinking nor a scientific organisation of these materials in the educational process. today due to interest and initiative of certain teachers,their use has increased.

Importance of Mass-media.

Apiece of information or knowledge is communicated to us through oral communication. the same piece of information when conveyed on a printed page or over the telephone, by radio or television appears different and has entirely a different effect on us.

the effectiveness of piece of information depends upon the medium through which it is imparted. the mass-media is also a massage. it massages the sensory organ and stimulates them ot respond actively.

it is very important for class room teaching as a part of the process of instruction. it improves the teaching-learning process. its main purpose is to benefit more students with fewer teachers or to obtain quality education.

Therefore, the mass-media is being used as a means of education. its role in education is gaining due to its following importance.

1. Mass-media provide information to the mass within less time.

2. it takes a wide coverage of information regarding what is happening in any corner of the world.

3. it brings the entire world to the individual or to the classroom. children spend hours together sitting infront of the television and visualise, hear and acquire knowledge about the world.

4.It easily reaches groups, allows repeated use, gives more reality, influences attitudes, shows cause and effect relationships and ultimately motivates the audience.

5. It sends information to remote places and helps in distant learning.

6. It helps in modification of attitudes, inculcation of desirable values and acquaintance with cultural heritage.

7. It acts as an agency of social change.

8. It is useful for reinforcing group dynamics and interpersonal communication.

9. It is a means of communication to make ideas clear to the children and help them to acquire correct knowledge.

10. It helps in simplifying and in giving vividness to explanation. 

11. It makes the instruction concrete.

12. It stimulates interest and excites curiosity.


Need, characteristics, objectives, types of educational technology  

Mass-Media in Education.

Education today, therefore, has a far greater responsibility than it had ever before. ot has to meet the demands of a dynamic world which changes its character every day. contemporary education has to be more comprehensive and complete than it was ever before. the role of the various agencies of education like home, society, community etc. has consequently increased, so has the role of the mass media like television, radio, cinema, newspaper increased.

Press, radio, motion-picture, television etc. are mass-media in education. these are technically called passive agencies of education. they indirectly influence the attitude and behaviour of the people. they cover entertainment, informatory propaganda, historical record, education and improvement of moral judgement and moral tone of people.


Meaning, nature and scope of educational technology

Reference: Advance educational Technology

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