Unlock the power Hidden in your consciousness: Control your reality

 Unlock the power Hidden in your consciousness 

Unlock the power Hidden in your consciousness: Control your reality

Master this technique; The Reality will be under your control 

Unlock the power Hidden in your consciousness, Discover a profound technique that gives you control over your reality. A journey of inner transformation where we understand and master how to manifest our desires.
Once you master this technique, see how to world around you transforms in way you have never imagined possible.

Today we'll dive in a deep exploration of four dimensional  thinking, where the boundaries between inner and outer thoughts and reality begins to blur.

So let's start, imagine for a moment that everything exists now in this very moment. This is the essence of four dimensional thinking a paradigm that transcends the restrictions of conventional perception. It is the belief that the internal conversations we engage in this quick articles,  within ourselves shape not only our thoughts, but also the external world around us. 

What we think about, what we talk about in the depths of our mind, weaves the structure of our experience. Both with the people and with the world around us. This inner thoughts and conversations are the seeds of imagination. 

And what we imagine become manifest in our life, like scenes on the (imagination) screen of space. But what is it that we really want to create and experience?

 When we talk about creation, we are not talking about conjuring something out of nothing. instead, we are talking about bringing to light that which already exists 

 In invisible reality because all things in their essence already exists, awaiting the moment of realisation.

Think of it as a journey towards the realisation of this pre-existing reality. Our inner dialog, our thoughts and vision serve as a compass that guide us in this journey. Our inner voice different from the incessant mental chatter speaks in the spirit of harmony and abundance.

It remains us that in the realms of the fourth dimension all things are possible. Four dimensional thinking is a wisdom  shared many times by Neville Goddard, 

Who encouraged us to be 'imitators' of God. Contemplating how God evokes the invisible as if it were seen. The invisible become seen and this notions extents to our own lives, for we too can bring the invisible into the realm of the visible.

To do this we must harness the power of imagination before externalisation. Our inner conversation those intimate dialog with ourselves, serve as the cradle of imagination, they are the cradle of what we imagine and eventually manifest in our lives. So in four dimensional thinking we learn to echo the divine act of calling the invisible into the realm of the scene. We cultivate faith which as, Neville wisely put it is royalty to invisible reality.

It is the deep trust in the existence of all things, even if they had not yet found expressions in our physical world.

That's why I reinforce over and over again in this articles that we are the architects of our reality. We can sculpt it with our thoughts and shape it with our inner conversations. What we picture in our mind is not just a passing thoughts it is a process that is unfolding before us.

As, Neville once said, "Many people, myself included have observed events before they occurred, that is, before they occurred in this world of three dimensions. Since man can observe an events before it occurs in the three dimensions of space, life on earth must proceed according to plan, and this plan must exist elsewhere in another dimension and be slowly moving through our space."

Our senses as powerful as they are often blind us to the invisible wonders that surrounds us. To truly see the invisible we must free our minds from the limits of sensory evidence. We should focus our attention on the invisible feelings and perceiving it until it becomes as real as the tangible.

Throughout our life we have been conditioned that our five sensory experience races define reality. However there comes a point in our spiritual growth when we begin to think independently. As the expression says "thinking outside the box" and at that same moment , we ask ourselves, what do we really want? How to we want to live? And an answering this profound questions, we discover desires that lead us along unique paths.

Listening to our intuition, our inner voice becomes our compass. It allows us to interpret sensory data from many angles, through this practice we find success and manifest results in ways that are unique to us. 

Some may even consider us geniuses or creative thinkers. By manifesting our heart desires, we gain insight into how to transcends the limits of three dimensional thinking which often traps us in the past and future , so when we affirm something has been done, we shift into a different state of mind. Although the external world may appear unchanged, our perception is transformed and a new reality is revealed before us.

By aligning our internal dialog with our vision we bridge the gap between our desires and the sensory data. And so we no longer feel oppressed or harm by external circumstances, opinions and environments. We effortlessly select experiences from the outside world.

 Guided by our inner voice. Leading us along unexpected but purposeful paths and connecting with people and environment that aligns with our spiritual path.

This is the essence of our inner journey, were intuition, inner dialog and sincere desire coverage to create a life beyond common understanding. In the fascinating journey of manifesting our desires, certain circumstances and information have fundamental roles to play. But let's explore this concept in more depth to discover the hidden truth that can transform our life, imagine, for example, that you have decided to start a new career. Now, think about it, what if you could experience the essence of this new career as if it were already true? To experience this essence, we must enter into the vision of something desired with all our sense activated, immersing ourselves in this imaginative world, in this sacred moment, we make an act of faith and it is here that a profound change take place.

This is the crucial point of manifestation and four dimensional thinking. Even if the superficial or reality seems unchanged, we begin to perceive subtle changes, feelings and inspirations begin to emerge, and people enter our lives unexpectedly. This connection guide us towards opportunities that transcend the conventional path.

This unconventional form of development align with what we call four dimensional thinking. In four dimensional thinking the fundamental points is that all things exist and exist now, and our existence is part of this reality.

To master the art of seeing the invisible it is essential to free your mind from the limitations of the five senses .So focus your attention on an invisible state, 

Feeling it until it becomes as real as the world around you.  This is where imagination takes the centre stage. A good practice too, is to enter in almost sleeping state where you fixate on just one picture that represents what you want to achieve or you can even create affirmation declaring that it has been done. All these practices brings us to a different state of mind. 

And it's in this state of mind that we experience the feeling that it's already done. So think of your thoughts as a concentrated beam of light when you concentrate seriously and intensely in a specific direction, other sensation fade into the background almost as if they disappeared .

Concentration is therefore the key to manifestation . A crucial part of concentration involves, tuning in to our inner conversations, so make sure that your inner dialog is consistently aligned with your desire outcome.

By observing internal changes, you will naturally witness changes into outside world too. It's a harmonious dance between your inner world and external reality. This process encourage joyful concentration and an unshakeable focus on your vision because you understand that the power is within you.

Your inner world is the catalyst for transformation, shaping the external world to reflect your assumptions and belief. With each passing day, you become more able to change your internal conversations and observe the beautiful metamorphosis in your external reality. 

Unlock the power Hidden in your consciousness: Control your reality

So remember, In essence, the power to create your reality resides within you, this practice open the door to deep spritual vision and grant us the ability to look beyond the world of the senses were hidden truths are waiting to be discovered.

As the ancient scriptures remain us, 

" For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

Romans 1:20

To understand our vision we must understand that it works independently of our natural faculties. We cannot only trust our physical senses, we must awaken our spiritual senses to truly discern the mysterious of life.

It may seem contrary to what we have been educated about how to world of the five senses works but it holds the key to what we call four dimensional thinking.

The belief that all things exist here and now. All because this events can be observed before they manifest in the physical realms to nurture this four dimensional thinking. We must turn out attention within an observe our internal dialog. The conversation we have with ourselves about our daily experiences and our vision for the future. 

I'm not saying that you should get stuck in a future that isn't arrive yet. This knowledge is just to help you better understand the concept and manifest what you want for your life.

For example, think about when we incounter moments that seems to transmit rejection from the world around us and someone perhaps brings our aspirations into question, saying that you or me are destined to fail. I know it may seem a little uncomfortable to hear this, but it all happens deep within you.

 Before this external even took place there was an internal conversation maybe it went something like this I doubt my ability to succeed. Can I really achieve this? This inner doubt nourished by your own thoughts, manifest itself externally as a person's disappointing words to you.

The denial we find in the five sensory world can reflect a doubt or assumptions within you. The power to change your reality resides in changing this inner assumptions.

All changes, all transformations, originates in our consciousness. This changes don't unfold in the outside world as they may appear. They begin as subtle movement within us. Its similar to a story unfolding on the big stage of our lives. 

Imagine the theatre of your outer world as a reflection a mirror revealing the change within. Behaviours, environment, circumstances and the information we encounter are the canvas on which our internal changes are painted. It is through this unfolding that the inner world manifest itself in the outer world. 

Now, with all my heart, I hope that this concept will be the key to the transformation you seek, whether in your desires or even in your spritual growth. 

Try not to precive yourself as a mere product of your five senses as this can result in a state of drafting in a reality that we believe we cannot control to purify our mind to adjust our inner conversations, we must recognise that this conversation are not just reflection of our experiences, they are, in fact, the architect of our outer world. This may initially seems like a challenge since we presupposes that they are the cause of our reality. 

However, with dedication we can gradually change our perspective. So remember this all changes is born in consciousness. Even the future meticulously detailed in anticipation offer multiple paths at every stage of our lives. But it is our internal conversations, our dialog with the external world. Whether through circumstances or information that guide us towards the future we desire.

There are many ways to achieve what you want through force, through flow or a mix of both, but the choice is yours if you understand that all changes occurs in consciousness your inner dialog will shift to proactively .

When you affirm that all power in everything exist now  you enter a world of infinite possibilities, shaping your reality with intentions and grace. 

Than you for embarking in this journey with me, if this Articles resonate it with you , please share this articles to others too. 

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